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Role: Lead Compositor + Animator
Software: Cinema 4D, After Effects

Produced at Royale

This is a project that was created specifically for the screens and digital signage located at L.A. Live, right next to the Staples Center in DTLA. Creating a completely photoreal 3d car was not feasible due to deadlines and other budget reasons so we were given B-Roll of their brand new Toyota Corolla.

The way we approached this was by creating a simple edit using B-Roll footage, enough to help us tell a story. From then, we roto’d out the car and 3d tracked all the shots. This allowed us to create completely new environments in CG that would match perfectly with what was shot in camera. We also made sure to matchmove the car to get right oclussion and directional shadows.

All of the brush/ paint reveal animations were created in After Effects and mapped onto the geometry of any element by the extensive use of UV maps and remapping textures. All inside After Effects! After creating the environment  in Cinema 4D, UVs were created and laid out for all the elements in the scene. The UV passes were rendered as high res EXRs (4k) and imported into After

Effects. In AE, we created flat precomps with tons of brush and ink reveals, all set to different speeds and time offsets. Those ink reveals were then mapped onto the geometry by using the UV maps along with the Re:map UV plugin. For some situations, like the car, we had to map the UVs a little different, meaning from the camera perspective.