Premier Protein

Role: Lead Compositor, Animator
Software: Nuke, Cinema 4D
Compositors: Renzo Reyes, Brinton Jaecks
Created at We Are Royale

Back in 2014, Royale produced these fun set of animated spots for Premier Protein. The miniature look was really fun to work on. The scale of the texture, the imperfections of the build, these were all references we used during production. Early on, it was decided to create everything in CG due to flexibility. My main role was compositing, where I was in charge of the Office spot  and I also did animation/ design for the End cards.



I was part of a team of two Nuke compositors, each focusing on a :30 sec spot. A lot of attention to detail, love and care went into crafting these beautiful images. As usual, everything was rendered to EXRs which meant total control over the final look inside Nuke. Things like SSS, reflections, specular highlights, etc were easy to adjust since the EXRs also contained many RGB mattes to control and isolate individual elements of the scene. Adding Depth of Field was also a Nuke task. 

Early compositing test in Nuke. Renders from Maya/ Vray.


Design / Animation

For the Endcards, I was tasked with design and animation. Design involved a lot of typography work (in 3D) and layout. For animation, I did a few different versions in Cinema 4D using the assets from Maya (FBXs). 

Some animation tests for the end card. Made in Cinema 4D. Assets exported from Maya.

Look Dev and Design Frames:

Cargo Collective, Inc.
Los Angeles, Calif.