Pokémon - Break Through

Role: Lead Compositor
Software: Nuke, After Effects.
Produced at We Are Royale.

I had the incredible honor of being the Nuke Lead Compositor on quite a few of these Pokémon spots in my time at We Are Royale. You can scroll down and watch every single one of them!  It was a pleasure working alongside great Nuke artists everytime we had a new Pokémon project at the studio. Each artist helped elevate the quality of these spots.

Pokémon Sun & Moon - Ultra Prism

In these quick :15 sec spots, we were able to combine awesome character animation with clever compositing techniques and fx. All of these spots were composited in Nuke. Why Nuke? I choose Nuke for its flexibility using EXR renders and awesome 3D capapabilities. We were able to throw tons of passes and effects at it, relight most of the scenes in comp, import models and animated geo, do camera projections and render all of it on a farm with little technical problems. We really had fun on all of these spots, the amount of creative freedom we had was amazing. We mixed cel animation, super stylized renders, matte paintings, stock elements, particles, flares etc.

Pokémon Sun & Moon - Crimson Invasion

As Lead Compositor, I was also in charge of creating the look frames for these spots. These look frames would dictate the overall feel and visual style of the piece. Once the look frames were approved, the team of compositors and I would jump into full compositing mode.

Pokémon - Sun & Moon

I also created After Effects toolkits for the Endtags on most of these spots. The endtags needed to be distributed all over the globe so we came up with an easy way to replace elements inside these toolkits using UV passes from Vray.

Pokémon - Steam Siege

Pokémon - Break Point

Pokémon Sun & Moon - Burning Shadows

Pokémon Mythical

Below is a compositing breakdown for one of the first Pokémon spots I worked on. We used a lot of matte paintings and  projections to bring these worlds to life. The designers/ matte painters we worked with were amazing and crafted beautiful images.

Below are Lookframes for the last Pokémon spot I worked on. On a typical Pokémon spot, I would usually work closely with the Art Director and Maya artist in order to get all the render passes needed to create the lookframe. That would mean object IDs, light selects, grunge passes, etc.


You made it all the way to the end of the page! Congrats! As a bonus, here  are some fun GIFs showing how crazy and creative these Pokémon spots got.

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