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Role: Compositor
Software: After Effects

Compositors: Mike Humphrey, Renzo Reyes, John W. Nguyen

Produced at Royale

It's a wonderfilled world! Back in the spring of 2013, Royale had the privilege of contributing to the massive Wonderfilled campaign. For this 30 second Anthem spot, the goal was to create an entire 3d world of characters and environments. The team was filled with great designers and 3d artists that were able to bring these concepts to life!

In compositing, our job was to take all those 3d render passes and create a very distinct 2d painterly style. Carefully dialing in any lighting and shading to avoid crossing the line where it would start feeling too 3d. Also came up with a system inside After Effects to break up the edges of the 3d renders by adding noises to the alpha. These imperfections helped us get closer to a 2d feel and further away from a clean, perfect 3d look.