Oreo - Dare to Wonder

Role: Animator
Software: Cinema 4D
Animators: Renzo Reyes, Mike Humphrey, Dan Blank
Produced at We Are Royale

This was another great addition to the Wonderfilled campaign, focusing on the fun and unique flavors Oreo offers. For me, this was the second Oreo spot that I had the privilege to work on. This time, rather than doing compositing I helped out as a Cinema 4D Animator. I tackled a few of the intro shots with cookies and type animated to the beat of the music and also the balloon shots with the Oreos. Some good old Spline Dynamics in C4D. Even though we were a small team, we kicked it out of the park on this one. And the music track, featuring Tegan and Sara, wasn’t bad either.

These are some of the shots I worked on:

Cargo Collective, Inc.
Los Angeles, Calif.