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Role: Lead Compositor
Software: Nuke + After Effects
Compositors: Renzo Reyes, Paul Cantor, Paul Barkshire
Produced at We Are Royale

Nike’s Thermasphere tech along with olympian athlete, Ashton Eaton, are at the center of this spot. Thermasphere tech is a lightweight jacket that allows heat to rise into its layers, creating warmth for the athlete.
We created a  stylized thermal vision look which we used to cut from and to the live action sections. Live action shots were comped in After Effects while the CG shots were done in Nuke. I worked on a few of the live action shots but my main focus was the CG macro part. Starting from a close up shot of the jacket, the camera flies into a macro thermal world. We used projection in order to control the transition from live action to CG. 

CG was rendered in Maya using Vray. Thermal fx and heat distortion were created during compositing, inside Nuke.  3D renders were heavily treated in compositing. By using an additive approach, I was able to reconstruct the final image and have complete control over the final look. Reflections, Direct and Indirect lighting, etc.