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Created at We Are Royale
Role: Lead Compositor
Software: Nuke
Compositors: Renzo Reyes, Scott Crawford, Brinton Jaecks, Sven Dreesbach, Rachel Keyte

Nasdaq Rewrite Tomorrow was my very last project before leaving We Are Royale in late 2018. We definitely kicked it out of the park on these series of spots. The goal was to represent how NASDAQ uses data to improve market performance. We composited 2D and 3D data particles over beautiful macro renders of everyday objects such as a pencil, a soccer ball and a cup of coffee.Data particles were created in Cinema 4D/Octane and After Effects. The CG worlds were rendered out of Maya using Vray. As Lead Compositor, my focus was put on the Pencil and Soccer Ball spots. My task was to seamlessly composite all these CG elements from different sources using Nuke.

A lot of work was put into achieving the perfect balance of data particles on screen. The particles needed to represent data but without saturating the frame with too much information. The CG worlds needed to look clean while emphasizing the macro feel and the beautiful textures. I achieved all of this by taking advantage of all the AOVs rendered from Vray and Octane. All the beautiful Depth of Field was achieved in Nuke by using custom aperture maps and depth passes. Depth of Field proved to be a challenge due to renders coming from different software packages but the result was pretty flawless. Final color was done in Nuke. 
For the pencil spot, we had a specific shot where had to completely paint out a pencil and replace it with a CG version.  I used GeoTracker inside of Nuke to object track the pencil. Once tracked, the 3d team put it through its Vray pipeline and it was later composited back in Nuke.