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Role: Animation, Texturing, Lighting, Compositing
Software: Cinema 4D, Octane, Nuke
Created at Roger

In late 2019, while working with the good folks at Roger, I joined a small team of generalists that crafted a total of 22 IDs for Nick’s Holiday campaign. We created 4 unique worlds: Present Mountain. Ice Sculpture Garden, Christmas Tree World and Gingerbread town. These worlds lived inside a secret cabin in the woods that became the connecting thread across all 22 spots.

I was in charge of the Present Mountain and Ice Sculpture Garden worlds which were used across 8 spots. I handled everything from layout, previz, look development, animation, lighting to final compositing. These worlds were created in Cinema 4D, rendered in Octane and composited in Nuke. Below is a stringout of the 8 spots I was lucky enough to bring to life:


The challenge here was to build a massive snow landscape with presents of all shapes and sizes scattered all over. I created around a dozen unique presents along with a few texture variations. These were manually placed across the world using instancing to reduce the amount of render processing. The images below show how Present Mountain was created. From a screenshot of the Cinema 4D scene to the final Nuke composite.

Below are some stills from other IDs that included Present Mountain:


For Ice Sculpture Garden, I populated the environment with ice slides, half pipes, presents, giant candy canes, icycles and sculptures off all shapes and sizes. These worlds were blocked out during the layout and previz phase and refined once approved by client.

The octane render passes were brought into Nuke to dial in the Light IDs AOVs, add atmosphere. dust. debris and integrate the live action plates.

For the Spongebob Squarepants IDs, we pushed the ice look and came up with some really cool shaders and ligthing during look development.

Below are some images that help showcase the lighting and shading I created in Octane and later refined in Nuke.