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Role: Animator + Compositor
Software: After Effects, Nuke
Compositors + Animators: Renzo Reyes, Nick Baquero, David Do, Nick Forshee, Handel Eugene
Created at We Are Royale

I was lucky to be part of a great team of animators and compositors that helped bring this amazing campaign to life. The Hyundai Azera campaign consisted of a group of animated spots that lived inside of a web experience. In this page, I’m showing what I got to work on as one of the After Effects Animators/ Compositors. I worked on the Design and Noise spots.

We had a great team of designers and Art Directors that  crafted the entire visual style. My job was to take those designs and figure out how to travel from one scene to another seamlessly, creating a big, dynamic graphic environment. All inside of After Effects.

These spots cover everything from photoreal car renders to cel animation to ink/paint elements driving typography and graphic elements.

Nuke was used for the exterior and interior beauty shots of the Hyundai Azera car. We took all the multichannel EXRs from Vray + Maya and did our best to come out with an awesome, sexy looking vehicle.