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Created at Roger
Role: Animator / Compositor
Software: Cinema 4D, Octane, After Effects

Room 104 is HBO’s acclaimed Anthology series. For the last season, the folks at Roger pitched in some amazing graphic sequences to elevate the trailer.

I was part of a small team of animators that brought these designs to life. My main focus areas were the two big sequences in the trailer that start around the :45 sec mark. These sequences highlight characters and elements from some of the last season’s episodes by using a unique collage style. These collage worlds were a mix of 2d, 2.5d and 3d elements that were carefully put together in compositing.

We started by blocking out the camera moves in Cinema 4D and using some of the roto’d footage to get an idea of how to jump from one world to another. The neon window became the main graphic device that allowed traveling within these worlds. A way to go in and out of the show into the crazy graphic collage style.

We then proceeded to populate these worlds with 3d assets, leaving space to add more elements later in compositing. These scenes were rendered from Cinema 4D using Octane. 

Once in After Effects, we went all out compositing different 2d and 3d elements. We intentionally mixed different frames rates to really push the collage feel and accentuate the unique visual style. 

Below you will find some process videos and images that show how these sequences were brought to life.