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Role: Animator + Compositor
Software: After Effects, Nuke
Created at We Are Royale


This is an oldie but a goodie!  In late 2012, I helped create HUD (Heads-up display) animations for EA and Insomiac’s Fuse videogame trailer. The goal was to highlight four substances being infected by a virus. These substances were called : Ferrofluid, Melanite, Liquid Mercury and Antimatter. 

These animations were all created in After Effects. The challenge here was to get these done quick and effectively. Therefore, they use lots of shape layers, precomps and expressions, including my favorite: valueAtTime. These expressions are used to delay (in time), duplicate and offset (in 2d, 3d space) a few ( and very simple!) shape layer animations. A very basic C4D Mograph Cloner, but inside After Effects!  

Using a rough playblast from Maya along with 3d nulls and camera data, I was able to create a slap comp with all the elements properly placed and attached to objects in 3d space. That slap comp made it to the final version.

At some point in the trailer, the substances (ferrofluid) lose control and become unstable. To represent this, I was asked to create a glitch, data mosh look. By using a combination of  displacement techniques and noises, we were able to nail that look.


For the Director’s Cut version of this trailer, I was asked to composite an additional scene. I jumped on Nuke to composite this shot, which had a bit of everything: 3D Type, Explosions, many particle fx passes, camera shake, etc.