Doritos - 3D for your mouth

2D Version

Role: Compositing

Software: Nuke
Created at We Are Royale

3D for your mooooouuuuuttttthhhhh!!! Imagine that playing on a loop everyday while you work, fun times!
For this Doritos project, everything was composited in stereo inside Nuke. The hardest challenge was matching the illustration style for the mouth that the designers had created and client approved. It had very stylized brush strokes, specular highlights, etc. The team of Maya animators rendered tons of different passes for comp to play around with. The mouth had a big variety of passes, it was rendered with many different brush strokes styles that were later dialed in comp.  There was a lot of communication between compositors (me) and art directors, 3d leads in order to match the approved design as close as possible. The final spot was delivered as a traditional mono spot and also in anaglyph.

Stereo (Anaglyph) version

...aaand here are some stiiiillllsss!!: 

Cargo Collective, Inc.
Los Angeles, Calif.