Impossible Present

Role: Compositor
Software: After Effects
Compositors: Renzo Reyes, Dylan Roscover
Created at We Are Royale

Back in December 2011, Royale decided to create a fun short animated piece for the holidays. Inspired by the morning cartoons of our childhood, Impossible Present was born. My role on this was main After Effects compositor. 

The entire piece is filled with gags inspired by the Road Runner / Wile E. Coyote cartoons.

We were a pretty small team, a few Maya guys and two AE compositors. It was really fun setting the look for the overall piece and adding fx elements in compositing. Impossible Present quickly became a Vimeo Staff Pick once it hit the interwebs.

These are stills from some of the shots I worked on: 

Cargo Collective, Inc.
Los Angeles, Calif.